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Fusion Fashion...West meets East

How do you feel about seasonal dressing? Why are trends in fashion so important to people worldwide?  We breathlessly await the arrival of our attire, these days people want to not only look good, but to feel great about the image they are giving others. All of us are trying to dress our best in which we look beautiful, that is why people all over the world follow various cultural trends to stand out of the crowd. Due to this, relations and culture between countries seem to move forward, often collaborating toward the well-being of fashion. One of our most memorable moments is often those where we have looked our best, whether it was a birthday party, festivity or even our wedding. Designers find that the western culture often represents the calmness of life while the east depicts colours and liveliness. Combined through fusion fashion, we see a balance of these two things, composure and colours. In this issue of Emal Modern Lifestyle ©, we describe fusion fashion that can be worn for big events or day to day life.


Angela’s look: Something that has been trending for quite some time is shimmery dots against shalwar kameez suits. We have seen this style growing in various types of attire, including bridal. As you can see, this suit is decorated beautifully with beaded work on the neck line. It’s a great balance against the shimmer that can be either dressed up for going out with gold high-heels, or can be dressed down with sandals and natural make-up for a casual look. The sheer sleeves give a great change of texture and are another major trend in suits this year. This particular teal colour goes well with red, blonde or even light brown hair, giving you an extra pop of colour. The solid brown dupatta is perfect as it can be work across the neckline or even added as a hair band to a hairstyle, but it is remains light and does not overpower the suit. Paired with dangling gold earrings, grey smokey eyes and well blended contouring, this exact look will be a hit at any party!


Anne’s look: One thing that never goes out of style in traditional wear is tie-dye. We see this regularly in Bollywood movies, at fashion shows and in popular designer’s collections. This cherry red suit is a great example of the balance one should look for in tie-dye shalwar kameez. The sleeves are a light chiffon material and are a mix of red and white, which we see throughout the suit. The front of Anne’s attire has gorgeous mirror work, and this shade of cherry red is perfect for a fair complexion. This suit is also perfect for attending a wedding, with solid colour heels, dark smokey eye make-up and contouring. However, it can also be dressed down partially to give off a more casual look by substituting the pants with jeans or leggings. The bold silver earrings and oversized ring is another perfect way to stand out without looking like you’re trying too hard. Whether it is casual or a dressy look you’re going for, with this type of fusion clothing you’ll be bound to look like the next Bollywood heroine.

With so many various trends in fusion fashion, how can you be sure to match various items without any clashing? Remember, fusion is all about incorporating east and west wear. What you should look for when shopping for these items, are colours and prints not normally used in traditional wear. You can also look for the way a suit is cut, such as open or low back lines  Lastly, don’t forget to find unique accessories to play the outfit up. Wearing bold rings or dangling earrings without adding bangles, necklaces etc., can add to your outfit while not overdoing it. This is suggested as when it comes to our traditional wear, we often find a lot of mirror and bead work so, on a day to day basis when wearing jewellery you should remember the rule of “less being more”. So, the next time it comes to an event, stand out of the crowd, learn from these easy tips and try fusion fashion.


Emal Modern Lifestyle © magazine would like to thank the amazing make-up artist and model Angela Moody, our model from our début issue Anne Khan, brilliant photographer Bethany Comer and wonderful retoucher Victoria Karabovskaya.

Photographer: Bethany Comer
Retoucher: Victoria Karabovskaya
Makeup Artist: Angela Moody Makeup Artistry 
Models: Angela Moody, Anne Khan