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Stay Warm and Stylish this Winter with Afghan Fashion

With the colder days of Winter coming around the corner and our summer shalwar kameez being stored away, it has never been a better time to introduce a new style to your wardrobe. For those of you who stay year around dolled up in South Asian wear, we have a treat for you – Afghan fashion! Usually something that is not talked about when you hear about Afghanistan, Afghan attire is unique and stylish. Reminding us of the types of clothing we have seen in ‘Mughal-E-Azam’ or ‘Umrao Jaan,’ we found it your best choice for winter attire, covering you up in a trendy way!

Afghanistan has a rich and unique history which has influenced their clothing. Although similar to the traditional shalwar kameez, this clothing consists of an anarkali type dress and unique harem trousers. Additionally, we can see that time has not altered Afghan clothing, instead it has enhanced its natural beauty, adding different types of mirror work but still remaining hand embroidered. Due to this, Afghan clothing remains eye-appealing and elegant taking fashion to a whole new level of class, to say the least.

As far as makeup goes with Afghan styles, it can be played up or down like any other type of fashion. However, our model uses a light grey smokey eye shadow  pink lips that compliment her fair skin and tribal markings on her forehead and near her eyes. Additionally, it is common to see these marking on many women’s chins in Afghanistan, but where you place these dots or how many is very optional. Also, if you have a darker complexion using a deep red will give your look the same effect. In the end, any girl is sure to look like a tribal princess by incorporating Afghan fashion into her wardrobe!

By now if you are anxious to start mixing up your clothing with pieces of Afghan fashion, we have just the place for you. Afghan Fashion, on online bazaar ( is one of the first online Afghan clothing stores for men and women alike. They offer a wide selection of clothing and jewellery at very reasonable prices and since they are an online business they can ship to your location. Our model’s dress seen in this spread is by this company, and we highly recommend them for their high quality of work and very reasonable prices.

Simple yet elegant, Afghan fashion is sure to come more and more into fashion trends. We have already seen tight tops being paired with harem style pants or anarkali suits by various designers that come close to this attire. Just keep in mind that when looking for Afghan clothing, look for unique mirror work and embroidery as this will surely set you apart. We love our model’s hot pink harem pants and royal blue dress, making her look like a modern day Sharbat Gula. In addition to these bold colours, her tribal markings are unique and can be used instead of a bindi when dressing up for various occasions, setting you apart from the crowd looking like a Pashtun Princess.

We would like to give a special thanks to model Anne Khan, photographer Bethany Comer, retoucher Victoria Karabovskaya and Angaar from Afghan Fashion - Online Bazaar.


Model: Anne Khan

Photographer: Bethany Comer

Retoucher: Victoria Karabovskaya

Wardrobe: Afghan Fashion