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Celebrity life style and gossips

The life style of the celebrity is different from the other people present in the world. There life style is not very common and celebrities do have life style that is even different from the other celebrity. Different celebrities also compete with each other for the life style they are adopting to make them look more and even better than the other life styles of other celebrities. 
Celebs and icon gossips are what every other fan or people want to hear because they want to know what their lovely icons are talking about.
Celebrities are the movie stars, super star of a hero or famous person known by the famous films or dramas they perform. The icons have a different way of living and they have a different life style like they use the most of the things which are too expensive for the common people in the world. They have different choices for the living and they also have different habits. Some like to have different and latest sports cars or latest cars. Celebrities are not common people they are like the famous people who have different fans all around the world. There fans also copy them because they are too much inspired of the way of the celebrities.
Most of the fans want to hear about their loving icons, famous person, super star, movie star and many more. They want to know the life of their celebs because they like them and they want to know more about their life styles. They way they appear they carry different things and the way they live their lives. Also people and fans want to know the families and date of births and many more things about there celebs.
Celebrities are the icons that are famous because of their movies or dramas or because of the popular songs or because of their other distinction. To read news and other celebs gossips and things goto celebs gossips and lifestyle
Celebs life style is far way too different from the other people and most of the fans want to know about the life and the livings of their celebs. They are curious about the way they live their life. They want to know more about their icons and famous people. Fans want to be like them and they also want to know the success of the celebrities and what ways they adapted to become successful. They want to see themselves also successful in their life like their loving icons.
Celebrities gossips are everywhere we cannot say they are true or not and we cannot be sure o the gossips they speak about other celebs and icons but for sure that if there is a news about any of the celeb or icon like you can see on the yahoo every day there is a different news about different celebrity all because they want to be popular and they want to be in and renowned.  They adapt different and versatile fashion and a lot more different and various lifestyles they adopt because they want to be different from others and they want to show others and want to be on the cam all the time and want to be the part of news all the time.

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