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Struggle Effort and Us

Effort is what moves you forward mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially, and in all other ways. Effort means you take action as needed, either inner or outer or both, without trying to force results, all the while paying attention with your senses and intuition to the smaller and bigger pictures so you can make needed adjustments or alignments. Struggle indicates a lack of Self-understanding and an attachment to lack that creates yearning. It’s rife with negative emotion, and tries to force results
Hard work involves a level of simplicity. You start where you are and expand in right timing, with appropriate-for-you, actions you may adjust, add, or move beyond along the way. 
Nearly two decades ago, Stuart Wilde wrote: With the explosion of mass media and the information highway, glamour, hype, and showing off have replaced true worth.” If this statement was accurate then, and it was, just think about what this really means and in what ways this may have affected you consciously and subconsciously, particularly as this has only expanded since then. Think about how often you compare your true worth with what others do and with what they say is in their bank account and should be in yours. These days the money-equals-true worth philosophy is driving many individuals down a very bumpy struggle road that is a slippery slope for many.

Our action is what helps us to fulfil our purpose and passion, and strengthens us in some way, whether that’s obvious to others or not; and, their opinion can’t concern us, as it’s our power involved. Money that results from such effort is an energetic exchange of appreciation derived at a deeper level. Money that results from struggle, if or when that actually happens, tends to adhere to another statement by Wilde: “Money doesn’t give you real strength; it just keeps you comfortable while you experience your dysfunction.”
Endeavour sustains you to dilate who you are, not what your frightened ego needs to feel secure. The ego’s purpose is to keep you alive. However, if you feel it wobble or quake, that’s a signal you believe something other than the Truth. This is the time to remind yourself that your true Self is eternal, immortal, universal, and infinite; andall that you are has beauty and strength. That feels solid rather than frenetic and fragmented. You won’t struggle when you feel solid. You’ll open to flow and feel guided about your efforts, including sometimes doing nothing until you know what to do, either of which you’ll do with calmer energy and trust in your personal evolutionary process.

Stand in it. Let go of any beliefs you’ve absorbed from positive or negative hype, from anyone at any time in your life, and Stand In Your Strength, perhaps insilence, whileyou reconnect or deepen your connection with your true Self. Do this, and you build your personal power. Practice assessing whether what you feel, think, say, and do supports struggle or effort. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle if you supply appropriate effort to standing in your strength and strengthening your personal power before you apply any outward effort toward your life, purpose, and endeavours.


Muhammad Asad ur rehman is an Electrical engineer specilized in telecommunication and power sector also delivering lactures to CSS officers in various feilds of every day sciences also serving as an editor in Modren life style magazine.


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  • Struggle Effort and Us

    Effort is what moves you forward mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially, and in all other ways. Effort means you take

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