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Life Style

Life style plays an important role in everyone’s life. There are different ways of life encompassed by different people. Some of people have luxurious living style of life that discriminates them from other living values. The other category of life style is mediocre and most of society in every country belongs to this standard. The last but not least is low class where people living principles are not as good as the above mentioned societies of people. The living ethics of life of high class family works in a media or showbiz etc and people belongs to middle class family considered such activities as not good and find other way of living.
The two families, middle class and lower class suffers more as compared to high division families. The opportunities available to these two classes are less as compared to high class families. The minds will affect more of above classes when they see living standards of high class families. There are some people in such above classes who try to attain such things with every possible effort either it is positive or negative but this leads to the disruption of atmosphere. The problem can be overcome if everyone satisfied from the things that they have in their life and enjoy every moment of it because a person have to understand that no one is made equal on basis of classes but only thing that distinguish them is the behaviour of a person through that he or she is recognized either good or bad.
So be happy what you have in your life and don’t compare yourself with others and see those who have least grades of living. People have to thank a God in every situation no matter to which life style he or she is belong and try to be happy what you have attained in your life.

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