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Art therapy Exhibition at Lok Versa

Art therapy exhibition for orphan children of Bait-ul-Mal held at Lok Virsa by the art students of Foundation University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for first time in Pakistan. Exhibition displayed from 1st till 3rd February, inauguration was held in the gracious presence of Mr. Zumurrud Khan, Minister and MD of Bait-ul-Mal. The brain behind for this originative idea was Ms. Samina Jamshed and due to her efforts this unworldly event was succeeded .She is a very talented artist and the drawing teacher of the students who displayed their exhibition.
Before the inauguration of the exhibition a short documentary displayed, based on the children of Bait-ul-Mal. More than 8000 orphan children were spending their life like a normal children, all these children  are studying in the top schools, colleges and universities of Pakistan and all there studies and necessities  will be free till there bachelors. All the expenses of orphan children are beard by Zumurrud Khan.
The art exhibition covered a wide variety of subjects, most of the students were inspired by Gulgee, Saeed Akhtar and Mehtab Ali. The students of FUCLAS exhibit some marvelous work that wowed the audience. They work in almost all medium which includes charcoal, pencil, pastels, water colors and oil paints. Egg shell techniques and many others were used to enhanced the texture of painting.

BY Umer Tanveer & Tayaba Gulzar


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