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Farda's Production Exclusive

On 7th of February, an event held in Pearl Continental with the collaboration of CDRS, Sonic Peacemaker and SSS (Sehazad Security Services). This event was held to raise donations for the people who lost their homes and their families in floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters to give them basic facilities for continual of there survival .  Different singer were also invited the purpose of making this event successful and to raise donation. EMEL also took part in good cause as coverage caters. The event was well organized by FARDA Production. In the beginning of the event, there was introductory presentation on CDRS, its origin and how this ENGO started all the circumstances which force them to commence the social welfare. They also comprise an over view of their work which they had accomplished in flooded areas. Their photographs with the people of flooded areas, their destroyed houses and drowned animals and fields were breath taking. After the completion of presentation, the owner of CDRS a foreign man Todd, sing Dil Dil Pakistan a very famous patriotic song by Junaid Jamshaed, all the people in the hall sing it along him. After that different singers sing their songs but when the Qurat-ul-ain Balouch enters on stage with her band, hall was rocking and full of whistling. She sang famous songs of different singers at end of her performance she sang Who Hamsafar tha. All the viewers in the hall enjoy a lot.  

Photography By Sohaib Awan

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