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15th LUX Style Awards

The 15th Lux Style Awards ceremony, presented by Lux to honor the best in fashion, music, films and Pakistani television of 2015, took place on July 29, 2016 at Expo Center, Karachi. On the 15th anniversary of the LSA LUX decided to look back and celebrate some of the most priceless moments in Pakistani award show history. Read more in digitl mag



BMW Connected Drive

BMW Connected Drive provides drivers with a variety of services and apps for in-vehicle entertainment, information and safety. As the name suggests, the system is rooted in connectivity and, working with Deutsche Telekom, BMW is bumping up those capabilities to include high-speed LTE, a Wi-Fi hotspot and the new eSIM.. Read more in digitl mag

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Hair care


In summer it's fair for you to start switching out your beauty routine. A slick of lipstick feels like an easy way to make a summer beauty statement - but exactly how much of a statement you make depends on the colour you choose. Just look to the spring /summer 2016 catwalks. Read more Tips in digitla mag »


Food Love »

Food Recipes

Wash chicken pieces properly. And put cut on chicken pieces. In a bowl add lemon juice, salt, ginger and garlic paste and mix. Add chicken pieces and apply the mixture properly on chicken and the cuts. Leave it for 15 minutes. In another bowl, add yogurt, red chili powder, garam masala, cumin powder, Read full in digital mag


Larry Fogg Trip to Sydney, CHINA

Mr Larry flew to Sydney, Australia, on July 6th for a long weekend visit primarily to hopefully tour the tall ship HMB (Her Majesties Bark) Endeavour which is normally docked at the Australian National Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour in Sydney. The current HMB Endeavour is a replica of the original Travel and Tourisum read full report in digital mag »


The Matte Paint Trend

You've heard it time and again: paint is one of the most effective and budget-friendly ways to dramatically transform a space, whether you're trying to make it look bigger, display your artwork, or flatter everyone in the room. But selecting the right hue is only the beginning.. read Full report in digital mag











Javed Malik met King of Bahrain

Ambassador of the People | H.E Javed Malik, Pakistan's Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain met with His Majesty King Hamad Bin Esa Al Khalifa to Exchange Greetings and his policy to open the doors of the Pakistan Embassy, Kingdom of Bahrain to its citizens, Appreciation to His Majesty King Of Bahrain to give . read full report in digital mag



One million per line

Bourne-again Matt Damon  returns as spy charged  $1 million per line. shadowy former CIA operative "Jason Bourne" is an lconic even by a spy's standards, according to US actor Matt Damon, who has revealed his iconic character has just 25 lines in the latest Bourne film. The amnesiac super-spy returns to the big screen.
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Breath taking Chokers 2016

Necks are essentially extensions of our faces and therefore vital fashion real estate. Ever since 90s fashion trends made their way back into the fold, easy-to-wear chokers have become our throats’ best friends — and with good reason. They were born to be worn with the off-the-shoulder trend. Read more Tips»




Whether you're into divers, chronographs or drivers, EMAL rounds up the best men's watches you need to know about this year. From Alpina to Chanel, strap yourself in for the latest watch trends with the EMAL Watch Guide to 2016. Chose the best and see which fits your type...Read full STORY



The story of the movie based the issue of drug trafficking in Pakistan and how our admired establishment allocating with this big problematic, the most of the part in this film will be shot in Islamabad, Afghan border, and Baluchistan. The movie is new if its kind. full report in digital copy »


Suicide Squad

In the movie Suicide Squad, a secret government agency recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency. Director David Ayer introduced Warner Bros' Suicide Squad to the world via Twitter with nine new anti-heroes packed into an image. Here's a guide to ..full report in digital cop.....












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