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Shades New Style This Season

Modren Shades styles

Glasses are the most important part of our personality by carrying which one can totally change our personality but selecting the write one to suit you is the most significabt part here are some styles which will help you to get a change



































  • Get Rid of Skin Problem . Enjoy white fairer glowing complexion in this summer without spending much money. Proper skin care plays an important role in having a healthy, fairer and radiant face.


    with Tight Clothing When u wear the hijab u feel good Coz u know its right. But when u put on your tight fitting clothes The angels take flight And stop singing your praises You're caught

  • Foto Fastival EMEL has held a picture contest for its viewer whereyou can send a picture which you think is best . If your picture is good and decent we will publish your picture in the next eddition





















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