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Exhibition at Iqra Universty



Dozens of fashion and textile design students of Bachelors from Iqra University displayed their skills and craftsmanship in their theses displayed on March 24. The display that would run for two days was part of the students’ theses works. International Heritage and Integration Secretary Faridullah Khan inaugurated the event; she termed it a positive activity, which provided students with a chance to get professional recognition. Sabeena Ibrahim Khan, Director Iqra University briefing the guests said,”Iqra University is an institution which is promoting creativity among the students.” The theme of the display was of diverse amalgamation and the thesis projects were presented in a colorful manner.
The colorful display showed the students love for fashion and textile designing. Display objects were made of knitted, woven and printed fabrics that ranged from furniture, apparel, interior designs, upholstery, spa and home textile.
Roshan, a student from the Textile Department, while talking EMEL, said that her inspiration was derived from Turkish and Afghani silhouettes and abayas were the fusion of both style. She was the view that no such designs were available in the market and women loved to wear such abayas.
Noor-ul-Ain’s collection was inspired by Central Asian textiles. By carefully contrasting sober and stunningly fresh vibrant colour palettes such as red, orange, white, green and brown, she successfully manages to keep her work runway-friendly. The handmade collection specially the hand bags were both fashion forward and creative.
Hira Ashraf was inspired by both the mechanics of clockwork and the beauty of Urdu newspapers. Hira incorporate two most commonly used articles of our daily lives together in her outfits.
The inspiration of Shujat, was from the poet of Mirza Ghalib. His speciality was painting verses of renowned poet Mirza Ghalib on clothes which not only gave a unique impression but also caught people's interest.
Maryam Saleem had chosen the Peruvian design, a rich blend of limitless patterns and lively colours with an under current of prehistoric artistic traditions. She had used recycled items she bought from stores and transformed them into new stunning interior design articles.

Dr Jamil says" such events are like fresh air and encouragement for the students and being head of institute we have organized this event for the students to advertise there selves and bring there works to the market".

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