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It was 23rd March 1940 when the Pakistan Resolution was passed that is also known as Lahore Resolution. This day holds a special importance in the heart of every Pakistani owing to the fact that on this day the concept of a separate Islamic Republic of Pakistan was.Story



Arcade machines are not generally known for their portability – the thought of moving one around is enough to cause a back ache. Nanoarcade pushes those notions aside with a device that looks like a classic arcade machine, but scaled down to 1/10th the size. ...TECHONOLOGY

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Eggs, the symbol of spring and new beginnings, have been used by women for centuries in order to cure dry skin. They are packed with protein and lecithin, which is a natural lubricant for the skin. Adding a bit of sour cream to the mix will help slough off any , Read more Tips»


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Spring is a collection of a great many tales about people and events, centred on a single season in a year. A perfect spring day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken. Blooming bulbs and spring breezes signal that warmer weather is on the way, m...STORY



 I had been told that many people from Singapore go to Batam Island, Indonesia for short weekend trips and I decided to also visit Batam Island during my trip to Asia. Since I already had airline tickets to Bangkok, I continued on from Bangkok to Singapore. Batam Island is . ....Travel and Tourisum »



When it comes to dessert its hard to find to what look at, well EMAL always try to give its readers to try some, here we bring Naan Khatai, Mix all the ingredients together except pistachio and beat for 2 to 3 mins. Put with a spoon on baking tray topped with sliced pistachio and bake for 12 to 15 mins..... Full report










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The most awaited movie of the year FF 7 is hiitng the cinimas this April The story move after Dominic Torreto (Vin Diesel) and his crew helped take down Owen Shaw (Luke Evans), his brother Ian Shaw (Jason Statham) now wants revenge, in FF 7. The director of FF 7, James Wan, is the same guy who ...  Hollywood




Director Vikram Bhat this time brought a new story with new look of Imran Hashmi Imran hashmi has invisible power in this movie... he has played a brilliant character as a selfish scientist who has only one thing in his mind- success of the experiment even at the cost of killing endlessly. Bollywood Showbiz
















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