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Wonderful place

Dear Readers this month we have included Wonderful places in the world, check out all the beauty in our new section of ...

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Skin Care

If you don’t already own a white pencil, invest in one now just for this simple trick! Instead of lining your water line with dark eyeliner . Beauty Tips for Women »


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Desire Release Sonu DG & Alveena Shah

*DESIRE’S* music video has been shot in the exclusive locations of and in
the UAE featuring Land, sea and air. The locations add an exotic feel and
set the mood for such a exotic and yet passionate feature. Desire entails a
fresh sense of the new......

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NANO Technology

Electromechanical switches were the building blocks of electronics before the solid-state transistor was developed during the war. A version made from silicon carbide, at the tiniest of scales, snaps on and off like a light switch, and with none of the energy-wasting...


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Chief Justic

Jillani, who currently serves as the acting chief election commissioner, took oath of his office on December 12. President Mamnoon Hussain was administer oath from the newly appointed Chief Justice of Pakistan at the President House.

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Shahbaz Hussain Fayyaz Hussain qawals are originally from Hoshyar Pur, Mal Pur Barian in the province of Punjab. They belong to a family that has been involved in Sufi music for generations. Their grandfather Abdul Hamid Khan was a great tabla....




When I decided to travel to Sanliurfa, Turkey, my primary goal was to visit Gobekli Tepe, the world’s oldest archaeological sanctuary discovered to date. In addition, I also hoped to be able to arrange a visit to Mount Nemrut.....

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Men's Fashion

If the men on the streets outside the European fashion shows are any indication, the double-breasted blazer is officially back, neon trainers are finding their place amongst the fashionable set, floral prints are popping up all over, and the man bag is  ...Read full report















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Mental Renamed as Jay Hoo

Releasing on 24 Jan 2014 Jai Ho movie is a remake of telugu movie Stalin, directed by A. R. Murugadoss. 
The movie is rumoured as the story of an ex-army officer who brings change in society by making people to help each other, in which democracy take a comic look
At the way the powers that be loved to ..   Holly Wood »


Operation 021

Operation 021 is a Pakistani Upcoming Movie produced by One Motion Picture, run by Zeba Bakhti­ar and her son Azan Sami Khan in collaboration with Australian director Summer Nicks. It’s the first Spy-Action Thriller movie starring Shaan Shahid, the successful hero of Waar Movie. The movie is about the current situatio... Showbiz













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