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Wonderful place

Dear Readers this month we have included Wonderful places in the world, check out all the beauty in our new section of ...

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Skin Care

If you don’t already own a white pencil, invest in one now just for this simple trick! Instead of lining your water line with dark eyeliner . Beauty Tips for Women »


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Tahir Mahmood Norwegian Peace Mission

The world has changed and still changing. The human from the caves moved to a civilisation status but the process never stopped. Is the change of time and space is called life or a mental pressure; therein the interventions of religious and political ideologies can International Celebrities »


Maga Dams

In their search for renewable electric power, China’s engineers have been building mega-dams at a rate unmatched in human history. Many far larger than the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River — which is 221 meters high and capable of generating more than 2. 


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The New Spy MAN Raheel Sharif

Outgoing army chief Ashfaq Kayani (R) presents the change of command baton to newly-appointed army chief General Raheel Sharif born 16 June 1956) is the 15th and current Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army and the new spy man in the paly ground

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Allama IQBAL

What is the character and general structure of the universe in which we live? Is there a permanent element in the constitution of this universe? How are we related to it? What place do we occupy in it, and what is the kind of conduct that befits the place we occupy? 

Muslims Legends



Prior to departing for Thailand, I sent an E-mail to my friend Thanya, a lady who I have known for many years, advising of my travel to Thailand. I told her that I was hoping to return to the Mu Ko Surin National Park which consists of the Surin Islands. The Surin Island......

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Sneaker is a synonym for athletic shoes but it doesn’t mean only athletes can wear it. When one trend goes out the window, another swiftly swoops in, and this season different types of ladies sneakers will become the trendiest shoesA part from that these are the type of footwear ...Read full report















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The Last Days On Mars

Between Gravity and Europa Report 2013 has been a banner year for movies about by way of Magnet Releasing, and though it has a lot to live up to The Last Days On Mars delivers an experience that is unlike anything we’ve seen before space travel. We’ve seen a slew of new ideas presented on screen in film both critics..   Holly Wood »


Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3 is an upcoming action thriller Hindi film, written and directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya and produced by Aditya Chopra. This is the third movie of unforgettable series of DHOOM. Abhishek Bachchan will reprise his original roles, while Aamir Khan will play the negative role and Katrina Kaif will play... Showbiz













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