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Pakistan Fashion Week London 8

London // Pakistan Fashion Week - 8, was held at the highly prestigious venue of Central Hall Westminster, the 17th century architectural gem in London, was a successful event highlighting some of Pakistan’s premier fashion labels.he two-day event focused on latest ..Story


Smart Bikes

USA// The SitGo e-bike has taken the comfort on the next level. The latest e-bike to enter the folding bike fold is the SitGo, which, like other models, can be packed down into a more compact package for storage or carrying on public transport or in a car. But in addition to regular household outlets, the SitGo can also be ...Read more in digitl mag

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Winter Trends

Newyork //Winter jackets, UGGs and snow boots are all fine and dandy but how to keep warm and fashionable in times when you can't pull out your bulky jacket or a pair of favorite CAT boots?  Layer your clothes! It's easy, it's simple, it will keep you warm and enable you to wear even a thin, fancy coat and feel .. Read more Tips»



Beauty & Care

No foundation, no matter how great the formula, looks good on dry skin—in fact, it will just highlight trouble. To keep the skin smooth, exfoliate regularly with a scrub containing gentle beads, and switch to (or add) a rich night cream.Then choose a moisturizing foundation with a dewy or satin (rather than matte) ...Read full STORY


Larry Fogg in Seattle

Seattle// After we arrived at the Johnston Ridge Observatory, we were able to view portions of the summit of Mount St. Helens as the clouds were passing by. Inside the visitor center we watched the video of the eruption and the continuing reforestation of the area. Normally after the video, they open the curtai.. Travel and Tourisum »


Food Recipes

Grind red chilies, ginger and garlic.Heat oil in a pan, add the chili-ginger-garlic paste and fry for a minute. Now add capsicum and carrot and fry them slightly. add spring onions, saute, now add the soya sauce and chicken pieces and mix them well. Add boiled and strained noodles and salt and stir to mix them well. Finally...... Full report










Sports »

Younas Khan sets new record

Younis Khan already holds several records for Pakistan in Tests and on Saturday, during the second Test against England in Dubai, he became the first Pakistan batsman to reach 9000 Test runs.Playing in his 103rd Test match, Younis has grown from strength to strength in the last one year."  Bollywood




In the movie SPECTRE, the 24th James Bond movie to hit theaters, Daniel Craig returns as James Bond, with Ralph Fiennes (M), Naomie Harris (Eve Moneypenny), and Ben Whishaw (Q) returning to reprise their Skyfall roles as well. Hollywood












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