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EMAL Exclusive

The cover story of EMAL international Magazine this month is "The Two souls" we tried to pose the good and bad souls with our experimantel concept of there outlooks with the supervision of our creative team , Head by Christine

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iPhone 7 plus review

We could almost review the iPhone 7 plus by pointing to our iPhone 7 review and saying "That.but bigger." There is atleast on key difference, though between Apple's standerd and phablet flagships this year. Let's take a look at our experience with the bigger of the two Read more in digitl mag

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Oh that smile


Notihng says health and beauty like a sparkling smile. The eyes maybe the windows to the soul, but our teeth are what other notice about us first. While heredity limits some of what we can do to have a galvanizing grin, there are few simple ways to make the most of your own sexy smile ,Read more »


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Food Recipes

Take chicken breast and make 4 fillets. Pound fillets with
steak hammer. Prepare marinade by combining all the ingredients of marinade and add fillets. Coat fillets properly and leave it for 30‐45 minutes. For Coating, combine flour,
rice flour, corn flour . , Read full in digital mag


Larry Fogg Trip to China

I arrived at chengdu, China, on sunday, 17th august at about 6:30 pm. After clearing immigration, i exited the terminal and located the taxi stand. I took a taxi from the airport to my hotel and settled into my room for the evening. I spent the next day exploring the neighbourhood in the vicinityof the hotel Travel and Tourisum read full »


Small appartments

Compact living spaces offer significant challenges when it comes to colour planning , especially concept layout . An open line of sight means that every accent intracts with the next. Popular options include solid color blocking , teritary arrangements, thematic Palettes read Full report in digital mag










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Home made scrubs

In most of the cases, the skin care stays restricted to the face, most women forgot completly to look after there skin on the rest on the rest of the body. This leads to dull and lifeless skin and the signs of agenig are soon to follow. Having the beautiful and healthy skin means taking care of your entire body.

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The looks to try now

Black liner shows its versatility, red lipstick feels exciting again and flushed skins replaces contouring this fall. Here the beauty trends to know for the season. Red Hot, Blush Rush,out of line, Vampire Dairies are the trending style of the season that you must try. full report in digital mag


Stand out bags 2017

A new fashion season means a change of accessories to update your look. With there high bright colours and high-impact texture of gloss or sparkels that's right on trend, these are the bags we've got our eye on this fall, check out the prices with brands inside issue. Read more Tips»



EMAL Watch guide

Whether you are into divers, chronographers or drivers, EMAL rounds up the best men watches collection you need to know about this year. From Alpina to chanel , strap yourself in for the latest watch trends with the EMAL watch guide to 2016. Have a details look inside the issue Read full STORY


Kong Skull Island

In the movie Kong Skull Island, a 200 million extravaganza, a team of explorers and soldiers travels to an uncharted island in pacific, unaware that they are crossing into the domain of monstes, including the maythic Kong. The last time king kong appeard on big screen was 2005. full report in digital copy »


Beauty and the Beast

Due to the success of the live action Cinderella (march 2015) Walt Diseny Pictures Scheduled their live action beauty and the beast for a march 2017 theatrical release. Harry Potter star EMMA Watson stars as belle, the beauty. Dan Stevens plays beast..full report in digital cop.....










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