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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Finalize Their Divorce 


They were once Hollywood’s golden couple. But just seven weeks after Katie Holmes announced she would be divorcing Tom Cruise it has been finalized meaning TomKat are OFFICIALLY no more. Well, that was quick.
Katie shocked the world and indeed Cruise himself, the actor was sad to have been ‘blindsided’ she revealed she would be leaving the 50-year-old actor. Claiming ‘irreconcilable differences’ it was clear that Katie was willing to go head to head with her estranged partner as it was revealed she would be fighting for sole custody of their six year old daughter Suri.
The actor claimed he was “deeply saddened” when the actress chose to end their five year marriage, with the bubbly blonde a shoulder to cry on. The source explained: "Tom's felt so low since his divorce and Cameron's company has really cheered him up."

Tom and Cameron, who have co-starred together in both 2001's 'Vanilla Sky' and 2010's 'Knight and Day', have been friends for years but reportedly, with the end of his marriage to Katie Holmes, the actor is hoping for something more.

The 'Top Gun' star recently attended Cameron's 40th birthday with sources claiming things may be getting romantic between the pair.
He thinks Cameron is beautiful, intelligent and a lot of fun. He'd love for them to be more than friends.
It seems his feelings may have grown out of the support Cameron has given him since the breakdown of his marriage to Katie Holmes.
"Cameron loves spending time with Tom, but in many ways she sees him as a brother figure," the insider explained.
"At the moment she's just enjoying reconnecting with an old friend.”
The couples are both currently shooting movies in London and recently enjoyed a double date with Tom's ex-girlfriend Penelope Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem.
Maybe Cameron should give Tom a go? We reckon they could be a good couple.
As part of their divorce deal, the 33-year-old Jack and Jill star will receive $400,000 annually from her Top Gun hubby, according to TMZ, which averages out to about $33,333 a month. While that's a whopping amount for most people, it's pretty paltry given the estimated $250 million Cruise has in the bank thanks to his blockbuster career.

Since the couple had a prenuptial agreement in place when they got hitched, Katie herself isn't entitled to a cent, but Tom has agreed to fork over the $400,000 a year as child support for the next 12 years until 6-year-old daughter Suri turns 18. That money will likely cover the costs of such things as her schooling, medical and dental treatments, college education and other expenses.