Tomato Ketchup & Chilli Garlic Sauce

In this recipe we have shown you how to make Tomato ketchup and Chilli Garlic sauce at home, free of food chemicals, essence and other preservatives, a healthy food for a healthy lifestyle, because we care about your health. 

Coffee Delight

This is the recipe of Coffee Delight for food lovers, serve your friends and family with a  healthy desert. A healthy desert with a balanced nutrition and quantity to keep you active and healthy. 

Chicken Chunk Cubes

A delicious snack with a healthy effect Chicken Chunks Cubes are evening snacks for food lovers, even can be served to friends and family as a starter or along with other Hi Tea items. 

Healthy Summer Drinks

This is the recipe of Water Melon & Peach Juice we made it very easy for you to make to get you a healthy drink, every one can make it easily at there home and can serve friends and family with a healthy delicious drinks. 

London Pakistan Fashion Week

Pakistan Fashion Week London appears in Hilton Hotel Mayfair London. Where all the ace designers participated to...

Cost Rica Fasshion week

Cost Rica Fashion Week America media partners EMAL International Magazine where various international designers showcased there wardrobes

Paris Fashion Week

Highlights of Paris Fashion Week held in France having EMAL International Magazine as there media partners

Box Office

Check out the releases dates and trailers for the upcoming movies along with there review.

Food Fantastic

EMAL is now bring you the live cooking video of the recipes. This month we have brought you how to make tomato ketchup at home, free of food chemicals and preservatives.

Trends & Style Guide

Check out whats in and whats out, your wardrobe style guide, make your lifestyle adorn ever before.

Latest issue

Explore The Latest Issue Of EMAL International Magazine, Take Your Personal Style Guide And The Confidence That Comes With It.

This month issue we have brought you a fantastic soot featuring Lorel Mona done by very talented Chalo Gracia. Glimphs of Pakistan Fashion Week London organized by reiwayat. In technology section we have some new tec updates you must read. Don’t for get to see the latest horoscope, cooking recipes and much more in our latest issue 


You don't need to open a bank account to buy a supercomputer just to make calls or send text, there is a whole range of phone that trims away

Health & Beauty Care

During an uncertain situation in this year, you need to relax and take a moment to see whats going on in your diet plan, the things need a trim in your closet and much more.

Travel & Tour

In our Travel & Tour Section we take you to the world with Mr. Larry fog to guide you the bast place for visit and the do's and dont's while traveling on which part of the world.

Editors Note

EMAL Magazine by EMAL Media Group has always bringing innovations in lifestyle. We are happy to share that now we have started videos of our cooking recipes for your convenience. Another expansion of EMAL Media Group is EMAL TV and collaborating together we will be bring you not only the print but also the video content for your entertainment.
Edeborah Simule

EMAL Media Group

EMAL is an international Magazine with its presence around the world media partners with various national and international private and Govt sector.

Modern Living is a lifestyle magazine and is a subpart of EMAL Media Group covering local content, Trends and events of Pakistan

EMAL TV is a web TV or an OTT platform include web series ( Seasons) cooking shows, entertainment programs and every thing what a channel is meant to be. 

There are various other projects in pipe line happen to be in future and will be updated  

International Fashion week dubai

International Fashion week Dubai by Opulence where different prominent personalities join to see the latest wardrobes by international designers in Dubai

Mela Norway Media Partners EMAL Int Magazine

EMAL International Magazine, Mela Norway are greatfull to “Erena Solberg ” Prime Minister of Norway for Joining the event and espically for taking EMAL Magazine Copy. 


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